100 Kickboxing Lesson Plans Manual

This spiral-bound manual contains 100 Kickboxing lesson plans including...

  • Beginner Kickboxing Lesson Plans
  • Intermediate Kickboxing Lesson Plans
  • Advanced Kickboxing Lesson Plans
  • Boxing Lesson Plans
  • Kicking Lesson Plans
  • Knee & Elbow Lesson Plans
  • Clinch Lesson Plans
  • Defence Lesson Plans
  • Combination Lesson Plans
  • Body Shot Lesson Plans
  • Catching Kicks Lesson Plans
  • Faking Lesson Plans
  • Advanced Technique Lesson Plans
  • Technique Variation Lesson Plans
  • Hammerfist Lesson Plans
  • Switch Hitting Lesson Plans
  • Superman Punch Lesson Plans
  • And many other lesson plans

Each single page lesson plan is divided into seven sections

1. Lesson objective

2. Required equipment

3. Warm Up

4. Technical Elements

5. 3-5 rounds of pad drills

6. High energy finish

7. Notes section (For you to add notes)


Inside the manual is a link to a YouTube playlist that shows you the pad drills taught in each lesson plan so if you aren't familiar with a technique or concept you can watch the video before you teach your class!

This is a great resource to have at your school for three reasons

1. It gives you instant access to new fresh lesson plans whenever you need them.

2. You can give the manual to staff members and tell them "teach lesson plan 47 tonight" and they have pretty much all they need.

3. We all get stuck in ruts and patterns. Using the lesson plans in the manual will stimulate your creativity as an instructor.


The 100 Kickboxing Lesson Plans Manual is now available for pre-order for £49.99 / $65.

Plus post & packing (£7.99 UK Delivery, £9.99 / $13 Worldwide Delivery)

You can order your manual by clicking the link below:


I know how much martial artists like me enjoy a "physical copy" of a book or manual, so I know you will love this.


Mittmaster Mat

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