Welcome Instructors & Coaches

Thanks for checking out Mittmaster. As an instructor for 25 years, I understand that we are always trying to improve by learning new drills and skills that will help our students. 

I set up Mittmaster to provide instructors and coaches with the best online martial arts training tools and resources. 

I have several online courses that are designed for instructors of all striking systems

Here are my recommendations to get you started...


I have created several syllabi for the different martial arts I teach. If  you need a syllabus or want to see how I structure and teach my content please click the links below:

Boxing Syllabus

KIckboxing Syllabus

Kids Kickboxing Syllabus

Filipino Boxing Syllabus

MMA Syllabus

(And I will be adding more in the future).


If you need LOTS of new drills and ideas for your classes then my video collections are the perfect place to start. 

These are MASSIVE collections of drills, skill, techniques and tactics focused on a particular style:

I have video collections on:


Muay Thai

Filipino Boxing





(Each collection is typically 10+ hours of detailed video instruction on a striking system)


I also have several membership options. These are great if you want to pay a low montlhy fee to access the most mittmaster content. 

I have three memberships

Kids Drills Membership (get 10 exciting new kids drills every month)

The Video Vault (get 20 of the best mittmaster videos every month)

Lesson Plan Membership (get a new video, summary sheets and four lessons plans every month)

Access All Areas Membership (get instant access to all the video collections, syllabus, sparring programmes and seminar footage instantly)


Finally, if you want to become a registered Mittmaster Instructor I have several online certifications you can access.

Click here: Mittmaster Certifications

If you need any help finding the right product for you please send me an email at matt@mittmaster.com and I'll help you out

Thank You

Mittmaster Matt