Over 100 Pad Drills In One Handy Portable Manual

This is simply the BEST book on focus pad training available today. 

Perfect for students and coaches of Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA & Muay Thai.

The 130-page book contains the 100 core drills of the Mittmaster system and includes chapters on:  

  • Pad holding fundamentals
  • Tips for choosing the right pads
  • How to hold for different people
  • 6 Common pad holding mistakes 
  • Injury prevention tips
  • Numbering systems for different styles
  • Double pad trigger drills
  • Body shot combinations
  • Covers & counters
  • Destructions 
  • 8 High percentage boxing combos
  • Kickboxing combinations
  • Kicking techniques & variations
  • MMA specific pad drills
  • Drills to develop speed on the pads
  • Drills to improve accuracy
  • Muay Thai pad drills
  • Longer pad combinations
  • Catching kicks & counters
  • Pad trapping that works
  • Dirty boxing tips & tactics
  • High percentage faking techniques
  • And so much more

This is a great resource for striking coaches and students alike. (It's also spiral bound which allows it lay flat when you take it the gym). 

You can get your 130 page signed copy for only £19.99 plus shipping: 

(£4.99 for the UK) 

(£9.99 tracked for rest of world).


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Mittmaster Matt