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Teach Your Passion Online


Teaching online offers many benefits for martial arts instructors including leaving a legacy, sharing your passion with more people and supporting your student's development. 

But perhaps the biggest advantage of selling online is that it frees your time because you no longer have to physically teach classes to earn money. 

Once you create an online product you can sell it over and over, at any time of the day or night for the rest of your life. 

That is amazing and believe me it feels fantastic when you sell your first product when you are fast asleep. That was a massive light bulb moment for me!

My Journey

Six years ago (when I first started learning about teaching online) I knew nothing and struggled to learn even simple things. 

I tried learning myself but realised I was getting nowhere and needed help. Over the next few years I spent well over £10,000 getting trained and educated by experts in online marketing. 

Eventually, after five years hard study, I cracked the code. The technology improved, new software was created (that actually worked) and I finally learnt how to market and sell online. 

I started to make more money online than I did through my school of 300 students.

In fact, after running Mittmaster for five years I sold my full-time martial arts school and focused entirely on teaching online and at seminars.

Many of my friends in the industry started to ask how I did this so we got together over a few beers and I ran them through the process. 

One suggested I should teach other instructors to do the same and "Teach Your Passion Online" was born. 

I started teaching regular seminars around the UK teaching martial arts instructors how to plan, build and launch their online courses. 

Talking It Global

Over the last six months, I kept getting emails and messages from instructors around the world who want to learn about selling online but obviously can't attend my live workshops

This is why I decided to create this online version of my seminar.

This course contains my condensed experience from the last six years. I've edited and refined the information so that there are no unnecessary steps. Everything has been streamlined and simplified so you can take action quickly and easily. 

I don't use any "techno" jargon or try to make simple things complex. I want you to succeed quickly so that you can also create more free time, share your passion and make money online. 

It took me six years, thousands of pounds and many late nights to master everything you are about to learn but I've made it A LOT easier for you to understand.

What took me six years, could take you less than a year.

The Teach Your Passion Online course is split into eight modules:

Module 1. Basic Concepts

Module 2. The 3 Steps To Selling Online System

Module 3. Finding Your Customers Online

Module 4. Simple Software Stack

Module 5. Selling Your Courses

Module 6. Protecting Your Content

Module 7. Summary & Next steps

Module 8. BONUS resources

(For a detailed breakdown of what the course includes please see the course curriculum section on this page)

Each module contains videos, live seminar footage, comprehensive notes and a workbook that will guide you step by step. 


Everyone who joins will also get access to my private Facebook group with 100 other students who have completed my live training seminars. 

Here we share problems, offer support and celebrate successes. I will be available EVERYDAY inside the group to answer your questions and help you overcome any obstacles

This course will also continue to evolve. 

When I try something new I will add it to the course so you will learn new things and be able to refer back to it for years to come.

I want this to become the ONLY resource you need to create a successful online business. 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside


Whats Inside The Course

  • 1

    Coronavirus & Your Options


  • 2


    • Welcome


  • 3

    Module 1: Basic concepts

    • Module 1: Manual

    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why I set up Mittmaster

    • 3. Five reasons why you should sell online

    • 4. Why people will buy from you

    • 5. Will people pay?

    • 6. Why think small

    • Module 1 Action Steps

    • Resources

  • 4


    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 1: Expertise

  • 5

    Module 2: Three steps to selling online

    • Module 2 Manual

    • 7. Simple Selling System

    • 8. What will you sell online

    • 9. Who will you sell to?

    • 10. Choosing products

    • 11. DVDs

    • 12. eBooks


    • 14. Online courses

    • Module 2 Action Steps

    • Resources

  • 6


    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 2 (Three steps to selling online)

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 3. Who

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 4. Where

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 5. DVDs

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 6. eBooks

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 7. Downloads

    • BONUS:Seminar Footage 8. Online Courses

  • 7

    Module 3: Finding customers

    • Module 3 Manual

    • Module 3.1 Manual

    • 15. Know, like & trust

    • 16. Email marketing

    • 17. Social media

    • 18. Facebook 1

    • 19. Facebook 2

    • 20. Facebook 3

    • 21. Facebook ads

    • 22. You Tube

    • Module 3 Action Steps (part 1)

    • Module 3 Action Steps (part 2)

    • Online Resources

  • 8


    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 5. Know, like & trust

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 10. Traffic Sources

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 11. Raving Fans

  • 9

    Module 4: Software you need

    • Module 4 Manual

    • 23. Four essentials

    • 24. Where to sell from

    • 25. Website options

    • 26. Online course platforms

    • 27. Shopify

    • 28. Payment processors

    • Module 4 Action Steps

    • Resources

  • 10

    Module 4a: Using Thinkific To Build A Course

    • Thinkific dashboard walk through

    • Thinkific website builder walk through

    • Thinkific landing pages walk through

    • Thinkific setting course price & getting paid

  • 11

    MODULE 4b: Live-streaming

    • Live-streaming platforms

    • What you will need to livestream

    • Resources

  • 12


    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 12. Platforms

    • BONUS: Sendowl Demo

  • 13

    Module 5: Sales pages

    • 29. Sales page design

    • 30. Online marketing concepts

    • 31. Product ecosystem

    • 32. Pricing

    • Module 5 Action Steps 1

    • Module 5 Action Steps 2

    • Module 5 Action Steps 3

    • Module 5 Action Steps 4

    • Online Resources

  • 14


    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 13. Payments & Sales Pages

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 14. Sales concepts

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 15. Ecosystems

    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 16. Pricing

  • 15

    Module 6: Trademarks & IP

    • Module 6 Manual

    • 33. Thieves

    • 34. Intellectual property

    • Module 6 Action Steps

    • Resouces

  • 16


    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 17. Copyright & IP

  • 17

    Module 7: Summary & Next Steps

    • Module 7 Manual

    • 35. Summary

    • 37. Next steps

  • 18


    • BONUS: Seminar Footage 18. Success story

  • 19

    Module 8. Extra Resources

    • Module 8 Manual

    • 36. Useful links

    • 38. Recommended reading list

    • Online Resources

  • 20

    Need My Help?

    • Need some help???

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