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MMA Mega Collection

As you know Mixed Martial Arts has become massively popular over the past few years. I started my MMA training 15 years ago. At that time there weren't any dedicated MMA schools in the UK, so I had to train Muay Thai with one instructor and BJJ with another.

This carried on until I met Erik Paulson at a seminar in 2005. He was one of the few guys training and fighting bare knuckle MMA at the time and I'm proud to say he's been my only MMA coach since that day.

Over the past five years I've been creating a lot of MMA related videos for Mittmaster.com and can now offer them as one massive bundle:

Here's what's in this MMA Mega Bundle...

  • MMA Pad Drills 1 (The 20 core drills of my MMA system)
  • MMA Pad Drills 2 (More advanced MMA pad drills for fighters)
  • MMA Tackles & Takedowns 1 (Basic MMA takedowns & combinations)
  • MMA Tackles & Takedowns 2 (Advanced trips, tackles & takedowns)
  • MMA Ground & Pound Seminar (How to hit more (and harder) on the ground from every position)
  • Mittmaster Fighter Drills (Drills I use for training amateur and professional fighters)
  • Mittmaster Muay Thai Clinch (The key drills & techniques to dominate the MT clinch)
  • Mittmaster Punchbag Drills (How to use the five different types of punchbag to maximum effect)

Here (off the top of my head) are some of the techniques covered in this massive MMA collection

  • MMA specific striking
  • MMA numbering system
  • High percentage MMA takedowns
  • Clinching concepts
  • Ground & pound combinations
  • Striking to grappling drills
  • Transition drills
  • Simple submissions that work on most people
  • Up kicks & sweeps 
  • Defending the takedown
  • Cage wall drills
  • Cage craft drills
  • Fighter Footwork drills
  • Catching kicks & takedowns
  • MMA specific wrestling techniques
  • Single & double leg takedowns
  • Striking effectively in the clinch
  • MMA guard passing
  • Conditioning for MMA fighters
  • How to use various punchbags 
  • 12 part MMA pad drill (covers all the basics)
  • And lots, lots more!!!



The first bonus video is from one of the best MMA coaches in the UK. Nathan Leverton has taught numerous UFC fighters and is one of the most technical coaches I've ever trained with. His skill as a coach is second to none. 

This bonus video covers how to control and dominate someone from the turtle position. It is packed full of great drills and concepts to improve your MMA grappling.


The second bonus video is from my friend who is a 3 x World BJJ champion. His name is Tom Barlow and he is a world-class, elite grappler. This video focuses on controlling and dominating the mount position (which as you know is one of the most effective positions in MMA).

I personally watched this video and then dominated my entire jiu-jitsu class using his techniques. It's truly amazing and will change the way you approach mount forever. 

It's so good he named it 

"The Mount Of Death"

These two fantastic bonuses are ONLY available to the first 20 people who purchase the MMA Mega Pack.

After that, they are gone!

And once you have purchased you will get instant access to the videos to watch on any device. No need to wait, get started straight away.

This set is the accumulated knowledge of my last 15 years training and competing in MMA.

I know you will love it


Mittmaster Matt 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    MMA Pad Drills 1

    • MMA pad drills 1

  • 2

    MMA Pad Drills 2

    • MMA Pad Drills 2

  • 3

    MMA Tackles & Takedowns 1

    • MMA Tackles & Takedowns 1

  • 4

    MMA Throws & Takedowns 2

    • MMA Throws & Takedowns 2

  • 5

    MMA Ground & Pound

    • MMA Ground & Pound

  • 6

    Fighter Drills

    • Fighter Drills

  • 7

    Muay Thai Clinch

    • Muay Thai Clinch

  • 8

    Punchbag Drills

    • Punchbag Drills

  • 9

    Head Movement Drills

    • Head Movement Drills

  • 10

    BONUS 1

    • BONUS !: MMA Turtle Seminar

  • 11

    BONUS 2

    • BONUS 2: Mount of Death

  • 12

    Live Support

    • Live Support