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The Mittmaster Vault

Technical Pad Training For Martial Arts, Boxing & MMA | taught by Matthew Chapman

Course description

The Best Mittmaster Videos All In One Place 


The Mittmaster Vault is my brand new website where you can access Pad Training Videos focused on four styles:

  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai & Kickboxing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Filipino Boxing

Here's how it works:

1. Once you start your free trial you will be given instant access to 16 instructional videos (each 4 to 6 minutes long)

  • Four Boxing Instructionals
  • Four Muay Thai Instructionals
  • Four MMA Instructionals
  • Four Filipino Boxing Instructionals


  • 4 Bonus Seminar Videos. Watch me teach pad drills & skills from seminars I've taught around the world (this material is different from my regular video content)

You will get instant access to 20 instructional videos as soon as you join up!

After your FREE 30 day trial, the Mittmaster Vault is £9.99 per month (or approximately $14-15 per month depending on exchange rates for my American friends) 

2. Every month I will add another 20 videos and this will continue (unless you decide to cancel, which of course you can do at any time)

This means after a year  you will have access to over 240 Mittmaster Drills in "The Vault!"

The Vault is perfect for students and coaches looking to add a variety of pad drills to their training or classes. 

It covers four distinct styles of pad training and includes bonus seminar footage of extra drills not covered in my videos.

If you train or teach Martial Arts, Boxing or MMA I know you will love it


Mittmaster Matt
P.S. Why is it called "The MittMaster Vault"? Simple, it’s where I store all my greatest techniques. 

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Matthew  Chapman
Matthew Chapman
Founder of

Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student, instructor, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Martial Arts, Boxing & MMA

And is used by instructors, coaches and school owners around the world to improve students striking skills, build retention and create awesome martial artists.

Course Curriculum

Welcome To The Vault
100 Essential Pad Drills eBook
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Month 1
Boxing Month 1: Boxing Liver Combos
Boxing Month 1: Jab Catch Drills
Boxing Month 1: Lomachenko Drills
Boxing Month 1: Head Movement Basics
Muay Thai Month 1: Elbow Techniques
Muay Thai Month 1: Front Kick Counters
Muay Thai Month 1: Round Kick Angles
Muay Thai Month 1: Kicking Fakes 1-4
MMA Month 1: Basic MMA Takedowns
MMA Month 1: MMA Transition Drill
MMA Month 1: MMA Pop & Drop
MMA Month 1: MMA Mount
Filipino Boxing Month 1: Destruction's 1-5
Filipino Boxing Month 1: Headbutts
Filipino Boxing Month 1: Forearm Strikes
Filipino Boxing Month 1: Filipino Throws
Seminar Footage (Dirty Boxing)
Seminar Footage (Pocket Drill)
Seminar Footage (Superman Punch)
Seminar Footage (Pivots & Follow Ups)
Month 2
Boxing Month 2: Hook Variations
Boxing Month 2: Southpaw Counters
Boxing Month 2: Counter the jab
Boxing month 2: Boxing Combos on Go Pro
Muay Thai Month 2: Dutch Drills
Muay Thai Month 2: Body snatcher drills
Muay Thai Month 2,4 & 6 count drills
Muay Thai Month 2: Snap back with striking sticks
MMA Month 2: 50/50 clinch takedowns
MMA Month 2: Striking in the clinch
MMA Month 2: Guard ground & pound
MMA Month 2: Spin kick counters
Filipino Boxing Month 2: Bolo Punch
Filipino Boxing Month 2: Stalls
Filipino Boxing Month 2: Hook destructions
Filipino Boxing Month 2: Triangle footwork
Seminar Footage: (Boxing Combos & Rolls)
Seminar Footage; (Ring Craft, Hip Pull)
Seminar Footage: (Filipino Hammer Drills With Anton St James)
Seminar Footage: (Numbers & Okie Cokie Drill)
Month 3
Boxing Month 3: Step Jab
Boxing Month 3: Numbers & Ups
Boxing Month 3: Striking Sticks Slipping
Boxing Month 3: Counter sectors 1&2
Muay Thai Month 3: Belly pad combo
Muay Thai Month 3: Kick catches
Muay Thai 3: Low kick set ups
Muay Thai Month 3: Front kick counters
MMA Month 3: Drop & Pop
MMA Month 3: MMA Trapping
MMA Month 3: Riding heavy shots
MMA Month 3: Whizzer
Filipino Boxing Month 3: Lock flow 1
Filipino Boxing Month 3: Elbow counters
Filipino Boxing Month 3: Double pad triggers
Filipino Boxing Month 3: Hammer series 3
Seminar Footage: Round kick variations
Seminar Footage: Thaiboxing combo
Seminar Footage: Rhythm drill
Seminar Footage: Boxing speed drill
Month 4
Boxing Month 4: Boxing fakes 1-4
Boxing Month 4: Head movement drill
Boxing Month 4: Boxing combos 1-8
Boxing Month 4: Boxing footwork (diagonals)
Muay Thai Month 4: Counter the punch with knee
Muay Thai Month 4: Muay Thai Trapping
Muay Thai Month 4: Savate drills to clear the guard
Muay Thai Month 4: Dutch MT fakes
MMA Month 4: MMA Endurance drill
MMA Month 4: Technical Get Up
MMA Month 4: Spin backfist variations
MMA Month 4: Boxing combos & elbows
FMA Month 4: Slapping
FMA Month 4: Hook destructions
FMA Month 4: Striking sticks blocking
FMA Month 4: Shoulder rolls
Seminar Footage: Superman Variations
Seminar Footage: Head on pad drill
Seminar Footage: Sparring defence drills
Seminar Footage: Kicking Combination
Month 5
Boxing month 5: Warm up drills for the padman
Boxing Month 5: Deep & Shallow Slipping
Boxing Month 5: Pivot hooks
Boxing Month 5: Soloman cross step
Muay Thai Month 5: Clinch drills
Muay Thai Month 5: Kick fakes
Muay Thai Month 5: Belly pad drills
Muay Thai Month 5: Savate kicking drills
MMA Month 5: Blitz drill
MMA Month 5: MMA trapping
MMA Month 5: Uppercut to superman punch
MMA Month 5: Basic anti clinch
Filipino Boxing Month 5: Striking sticks trapping
Filipino Boxing Month 5: Hands up drill
Filipino Boxing Month 5: Stalls
Filipino Boxing Month 5: Hook variations
Seminar Footage: Muay Thai 12 Count
Seminar Footage: Muay Thai Training
Seminar Footage: Sector 1
Seminar Footage: Kick catches
Month 6
Boxing Month 6: Trigger Drills
Boxing Month 6: Pivot Footwork
Boxing Month 6: Counter Sectors 1&2
Boxing Month 6: Striking Sticks, Boxing Combos
Muay Thai Month 6: The 4 R's
Muay Thai Month 6: Hand, foot fakes
Muay Thai Month 6: Foot Sweeps
Muay Thai Month 6: Shin check counters
MMA Month 6: GSP switch jab
MMA Month 6: 20,20,20 endurance drill
MMA Month 6: Front headlock
MMA Month 6: Up kick drills
Seminar Footage Month 6: Mixed pad drills
Seminar Footage Month 6: Up down drill
Seminar Footage Month 6: retraction drills
Seminar Footage Month 6: Body covers
Month 7
Boxing Month 7: Retreat drill
Boxing Month 7: Chair evasion drill
Boxing Month 7: Hooking Power
Boxing Month 7: Elbow down drill
Muay Thai Month 7: Kick shield & focus mitt
Muay Thai Month 7: Tear drop punch bag drills
Muay Thai Month 7: Body shot set ups
Muay Thai Month 7: Elbow blitz
MMA Month 7: MMA kick shield drills
MMA Month 7: MMA kick shield drills
MMA Month 7: MMA techniques of the cage wall
MMA Month 7: KIck escapes
MMA Month 7: Mount G&P
Filipino Boxing Month 7: Baiting
Filipino Boxing Month 7: Corner Survival
Filipino Boxing Month 7: Countering the jab
Filipino Boxing Month 7: Kick destructions
Month 7: Bonus Seminar Content
Seminar Footage: Sectors
Seminar Footage Month 7: MMA takedowns
Seminar Footage Month 7: Knee counter to the cross
Seminar Footage Month 7: Boxing drills
Month 8
Boxing Month 8: Lateral Weave
Boxing Month 8: Countering a southpaw
Boxing Month 8: Jab timing drill
Boxing Month 8: Uppercut variations
Muay Thai Month 8: Kick catches & follow ups
Muay Thai Month 8: Leg strengthening drills
Muay Thai Month 8: Knee defence counters
Muay Thai Month 8: Fish hook drills
MMA Month 8: Basic MMA double leg
MMA Month 8: Clinch when rocked
MMA Month 8: Elbow counter to a straight knee
MMA Month 8: MMA striking fundamentals
Filipino Boxing Month 8: Trapping Counters
Filipino Boxing Month 8: Trapping with striking sticks
Filipino Boxing Month 8: Bolo Punch
Filipino Boxing Month 8: Counter to the elbow
Month 8: Bonus Seminar Footage
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 8: Lead X step
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 8: Direction kicking drill
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 8: Boxing slipping drill
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 8: Sector 2, roll to superman
Month 9
Boxing Month 9: Bumping
Boxing Month 9: Pocket drills
Boxing Month 9Uppercut power
Boxing Month 9: Retreat drill
Muay Thai Month 9: Defensive front kick
Muay Thai Month 9: Teep counters
Muay Thai Month 9. Low kick to knee
Muay Thai Month 9: Clinch escapes
MMA Month 9: Kick catch and takedown
MMA Month 9: Kick escapes
MMA Month 9: Crucifix
MMA Month 9: Pad holder drops
Filipino Boxing Month 9: Sectors 1-4
Filipino Boxing Month 9: Elbow counter to the hook
Filipino Boxing Month 9: Triangle footwork
Filipino Boxing Month 9: Slipping forwards
Month 10
Boxing Month 10: Jab - Cross Covers
Boxing Month 10: Counter sectors 1 & 2
Boxing Month 10: Cross fakes
Boxing Month 10: Curve step
Muay Thai Month 10: Drift kick
Muay Thai Month 10: Foot to hand fakes
Muay Thai Month 10: Parry kicks & punches
Muay Thai Month 10: Chasse from Savate
MMA Month 10: Ground & Pound
MMA Month 10: Kick catches
MMA Month 10: Knee counter drill
MMA Month 10: G&P from turtle
Filipino Boxing Month 10: Counter traps
Filipino Boxing Month 10: Destruction knee & kick
Filipino Boxing Month 10: Elbow Tap Drill
Filipino Boxing Month 10: Pressure triggers
Month 10: BONUS Seminar Footage
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 10: MMA drills
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 10: Catching the kick to throw
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 10: Dirty Boxing knee bump
BONUS Seminar Footage Month 10: Superman Variations
Month 10
Boxing Month 10: Counter Sectors 2-3
Boxing Month 10: Trigger Drills
Boxing Month 10: uppercut & hook combos
Boxing Month 10: Jab - Cross Series
Muay Thai Month 10: Un-orthodox clinch
Muay Thai Month 10: Parry counters
Muay Thai Month 10: Elbow tap drill
Muay Thai Month 10: Kick combo 1 on kick shield
MMA Month 10: Dominic Cruz
MMA Month 10: G&P bag
MMA Month 10: Head Control
MMA Month 10: Clinch Trapping
Filipino Boxing Month 10: FB Baits
Filipino Boxing Month 10: Foor Stomp
Filipino Boxing Month 10: Arm Wrenches
Filipino Boxing Month 10: Push Trap
MONTH 10: Bonus Seminar Footage
Head on pads footwork
Kick escapes
Kick fake 1
Seminar re cap
Boxing Month 11: counter sectors 3&4
Boxing Month 11: Belly pad hooks
Boxing Month 11: Footwork, curve step
Boxing Month 11: mayweather drill
Muay Thai Month 11: Dutch hand traps
Muay Thai Month 11: Kicking sector 4
Muay Thai Month 11: MT clinch
Muay Thai Month 11: Savate, fouette
MMA Month 11: Endurance drill
MMA Month 11: Head movement glove drill
MMA Month 11: Mount control
MMA Month 11: Side kick variations
Filipino Boxing Month 11: slip & shove
Filipino Boxing Month 11: destruction (wrenches)
Filipino Boxing Month 11: jab variations
Filipino Boxing Month 11: Sub Sectors 7 - abc
Bonus Seminar Month 11: kick matrix
Bonus Seminar Month 11: dirty boxing
Bonus Seminar Month 11: muay thai
Bonus Seminar Month 11: Sector 2 rip and roll

Reviews (2)

by Bjorn Martensson

Easy, simple to use and just fantastic!

by Jordan Squires
I've Watched Coach Matt's videos for a while and have just been blown away how simple and stuctured he has made his system. This is a fanastic place to start, learn new drills and my students have enjoyed this stuff. Absolutely brilliant and can't recommend it enough. You need to br using The Vault!

by Bjorn Martensson

Easy, simple to use and just fantastic!

by Jordan Squires
I've Watched Coach Matt's videos for a while and have just been blown away how simple and stuctured he has made his system. This is a fanastic place to start, learn new drills and my students have enjoyed this stuff. Absolutely brilliant and can't recommend it enough. You need to br using The Vault!