Every year I invite three world-class martial arts coaches to teach a striking seminar with me in London. 

In 2019 I invited three of my martial arts idols.

David Breed (Trainer of 15 World Champions)

David taught an amazing seminar on movement based kickboxing. The session started with footwork drills and then moved into partner distance and timing drills. He then got us to work on the pads building fantastic technical kickboxing combinations.

I can honestly say I've never learned so much in two hours. 

Bob Breen (Godfather of JKD in Europe)

I asked Bob to teach a seminar on developing a world class jab and he didn't disappoint. 

We started with structure and the mechanics of developing an unstoppable jab. 

(In fact, as you will see on the video I couldn't block any of his jabs and he is 70 years old!)

He then covered simple follow-ups and combinations using the jab. Finally, we finished up by applying what we had learned with some technical jab sparring.

Bob delivered a master class on the jab. It was stunning

Phil Norman (Pioneer and creator of Ghost Elusive Fighting)

Phil Norman is an internationally respected instructor and he came to teach elusive boxing.

Phil started his session where Bob left off, developing a jab that is fast, deceptive and unstoppable.

Once we had drilled that he taught us some of his unique ghost boxing style where you attack whilst neutralizing any counters attacks. 

Phil session really got people thinking creatively about movement and evasiveness. 

Mittmaster Matt (Creator of Mittmaster)

Finally, I got to teach some of my new "Focus Mitt Flow" system. 

I developed this system because I felt a lot of the pad work I see was overly repetitive and hard to apply in a combat situation.

The Focus Mitt Flow system is designed to make pad work more applicable to sparring by developing choice reaction skills, improving distance appreciation and building fight IQ. 


Plus for the first 10 people who order I will include the seminar summary sheets. 

This is a PDf that lists all the drills and combinations taught at the seminar which is really useful if you want to train the drills at the gym. 

This seminar was, in my opinion, the most detailed and technical striking seminar I've ever attended (and I've been to at least 100 seminars in the last 30 years). 

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from three elite coaches (and me) sharing their very best material. 

You don't want to miss this!

See you on the inside

Mittmaster Matt

Course curriculum

  • 1

    David Breen (Advanced Kickboxing)

    • David Breed Session 1

    • David Breed Session 2

  • 2

    Mittmaster Matt (Focus Mitt Flow)

    • Mittmaster Matt Session 1

    • Mittmaster Matt Session 2

    • Mittmaster Matt Session 3

    • Mittmaster Matt Session 4

  • 3

    Bob Breen (Developing A World Class Jab)

    • Bob Breen Session 1

    • Bob Breen Session 2

  • 4

    Phil Norman (Elusive Boxing)

    • Phil Norman Session 1

    • Phil Norman Session 2

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    • Seminar Summaries

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    • Bonus YouTube Footage

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    Live Support

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