Mittmaster Level 2 Certification

Level one built your fundamental pad skills and covered the core Mittmaster concepts.

Level 2 is designed to deepen your understanding of pad training and elevate you pad skills to professional standards.

Level 2 is built around eight modules:

Module 1. Basic concepts & strategic defence - The art of hitting without getting hit is one of the highest levels of skill. In this module, you’ll learn how to avoid, crush, and counter the most common attacks.
Module 2. Attribute development - To be an effective fighter you need have both technical skill and the attributes to make those skills work. In this module, you’ll learn how to develop the most critical attributes in your training partners including speed, power, and endurance.
Module 3. Tactile Sensitivity - Regardless of whether you’re kicking, punching, or defending tactile sensitivity can give you the edge over your opponent. When you develop this skill, you’ll be able to feel when they move and react faster. There are many ways you can develop this, and you’ll learn a bunch in this module.
Module 4. The timing for maximum impact -  If you strike at the wrong time, you’ll open yourself up for a crushing counter-attack.  If you strike at the right time, your strike will have landed with devastating power before your opponent realises. Drills to develop high-level timing are covered in this module.
Module 5. Trapping & immobilisation - Trapping is an incredibly overlooked area of striking. However, thanks to fighters like Lomachenko, people are starting to see how effective it can be (even in boxing).
 In this module, you’ll learn some of the most effective ways to trap your opponent.
Module 6. Body manipulation - If you don’t know how to manipulate your opponents body you’ll be at their mercy in the clinch. Thankfully there are a few simple tactics you can quickly learn to use or avoid the clinch, and that’s what’s covered in this module.
Module 7. Ring / Cage craft - Ringcraft is the black magic of striking skills and often under-appreciated. When you learn to use the ring effectively, you’ll be able to control your opponent and set them up without even touching them.
Module 8. Faking with hands, feet & body - Do you want to make your opponent hit thin air and open themselves up for punishing counters? Then you need to learn to fake and feint, and that’s precisely what’s covered in this module.
You will also get access to four bonus modules covering additional material and important aspects of running a successful martial arts school.
Bonus 1. Use of supplemental equipment - Even with the best equipment pad holding can be very hard on your body. However, there are various other pieces of equipment you can use to train your students without using traditional focus mitts. In this module, you’ll find out how to use some of my favourite pieces of training equipment.
Bonus 2. Client retention - It is far easier and cheaper to keep a client than get a new one. In this module, I’ll share some essential tactics that help me keep my students training for decades.
Bonus 2. Marketing - You can teach the best classes in the world, but if no one knows about them, your school will be empty. Cost effective marketing is one of the most important, but often overlooked areas of running a martial arts school. This module covers key marketing activities that will help you enrol new students consistently month after month for little or no money.
As you can see there is a huge amount of material in Level 2 (and that is why its taken me nearly a year to create)

I look forward to seeing you on the inside

Mittmaster Matt

How It Works

  • Study in your own time

    Access all content online. Watch on any device. Learn at your own pace.

  • Work With A Partner

    Practice and drills with a partner to master the techniques

  • Record Your Demo

    Record your demo video and send to be assessed

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Read First: Welcome To Level 2

  • 2

    Strategic Defence

    • Module 1: Strategic Defence

    • Distance

    • Blocking

    • Re direction

    • Evasion

    • Riding

    • Toughness

    • Destructions

  • 3


    • Module 2: Attributes

    • Developing Speed

    • Developing Power

    • Developing Endurance

  • 4

    Tactile Sensitivity

    • Module 3: Tactile Sensitivity

    • Head Pressure Drills

    • Body Pressure Drills

    • Arm Pressure Drills

    • Elbow Pressure Drill

    • Leg Pressure Drills

  • 5


    • Module 4: Timing

    • Timing Drill 1

    • Timing Drill 2

    • Timing Drill 3

    • Timing Drill 4

    • Timing Drill 5

    • Timing Drill 6

  • 6

    Body Manipulation

    • Module 5: Body Manipulation

    • Head Manipulation

    • Body Manipulation

    • Lower Body Manipulation

  • 7


    • Module 6: Trapping

    • Trapping Techniques

    • Push Trap Counters

    • Pull Trap Counters

    • Pin Trap Counters

  • 8


    • Module 7: Faking & Feinting

    • Boxing Fakes

    • Kicking fakes

    • Hand -foot fakes

    • Foot - Hand fakes

    • Feints

  • 9

    Counter Sectors

    • My apologies

    • Counter Sectors 1&2

    • Counter Sectors 3&4

    • Counter Sectors 5&6

    • Counter Sectors 7&8

  • 10

    Final Assessment Requirements

    • Final Assessment

  • 11

    Bonus Content: Supplemental Equipment

    • Striking Sticks Video

    • Kick Shield Video

  • 12

    BONUS Content

    • Martial Arts Retention eBook