Welcome To The Mittmaster Kickboxing Collection

I started Kickboxing when I was 19 years old. I was lucky enough to find a local instructor who was an awesome coach in the Bill "Superfoot" Wallace Kickboxing method. 

The training was really tough (long runs and A LOT of painful stretching) but the kicking skills I now possess were down to this early instructor's influence. 

After a couple of years, I found another instructor who taught a blend of K1 and Muay Thai which he called KTX Kickboxing. 

It sounded interesting so I gave it a go

In the end, I trained this style (which blended K1, Muay Thai, Filipino Boxing & Jun Fan) for the next decade grading to 3rd Dan in the system. 

Thanks to my awesome kickboxing instructors I've always enjoyed kicking and have since gone on to study Savate and Capoeira to develop my skills.

This collection includes ALL the kickboxing related videos I have created over the last six years

(I've deliberately left out the Muay Thai related techniques as I already have a product on that)

The Kickboxing Collection Includes: 

  • Mittmaster Jab-Cross Foundations
  • Mittmaster Footwork Foundations
  • Mittmaster Kicking Drills 1
  • Mittmaster Kicking Drills 2
  • Mittmaster Savate Drills
  • Mittmaster Glove Drills
  • Mittmaster Body Snatchers
  • Mittmaster Class Drills
  • Mittmaster Punchbag Drills
  • Mittmaster Kick shield Drills
  • Mittmaster Striking Sticks
  • Mittmaster Advanced Pad Drills

Each video is at least 60 minutes long and includes over 30 drills.

That totals over 12 hours of instructionals and easily 400 drills!


The first 25 people to order will also get....

BONUS 1: Mittmaster Superman Punch

A complete 60 minute instructional on the superman punch, its setups, combinations, and counters

The video covers:

  • 3 ways to do the Superman. Why and when to use each variation
  • Setting up the Superman. The most important details so that it lands
  • Countering the Superman. Simple yet effective ways to counter a superman attack
  • Superman variations. Some very clever variations that are guaranteed to take an opponent by surprise
  • Superman Follow ups. How to follow up smoothly after the punch lands
  • Superman Combinations. Flowing combinations that integrate the superman punch
  • GSP Superman. GSP's famous lead superman punch
  • Lots more

BONUS 2: Mittmaster Jedi Mind Tricks

This video covers fakes and set ups commonly used in kickboxing. 

The Jedi Mind Tricks video includes:

  • 8 Compound Fakes. These fakes increase the chances of your strikes landing significantly.
  • 6 Low round kick set ups. Most people throw kicks and hope they will land. Learn 6 ways to set up your low kick so it lands
  • 5 Submarine kicks. These are kicks that are designed to sneak under an opponents shin block
  • 5 ways to use the spin back elbow. A devastating elbow technique that knocks people clean out
  • Programming your opponent. How to use the force to get an opponent to do what you want
  • MMA clinch set up. Ways to set up in the MMA clinch
  • Ways to bait the punch. Its easier to counter a punch if you know its coming....
  • Baiting the low kick. How to position yourself so your opponent falls into a trap
  • Drift kick & Rainbow kick. Two variations of the round kick that lead to knockouts
  • Switch kick fakes (my favourite). Really sneaky moves of the switch
  • Changing rhythm blitz. Attacking with a blitz to overwhelm
  • The Solloman X step. A FANTASTC move many of you havent seen before
  • The Ali X step. A great trick I learnt from watching "The Greatest"
  • And plenty more

BONUS 3: The 4 R's Handout

This is a handout I usually give away at seminars that nicely illustrates one of the core principles of the Mittmaster system.

You will get a PDF version you can download and share with your students

This is what it looks like:

These FREE BONUSES will only be available to the first 25 people who purchase the Mittmaster Kickboxing Collection

That's over 12 hours of kickboxing instructional videos PLUS the FREE BONUS content for only £99 / $120

Thanks. I will see you on the inside.

Mittmaster Matt

Whats Inside!

  • 1

    Complete Kickboxing Collection

    • Mittmaster Foundations Jab - Cross

    • Mittmaster Foundations: Footwork Drills

    • Mittmaster Glove Drills

    • Mittmaster Kicking Drills 1

    • Mittmaster Kicking Drills 2

    • Mittmaster Striking Sticks

    • Mittmaster Punchbag Drills

    • Mittmaster Kickshield drills

    • Mittmaster Body Snatchers

    • Mittmaster Savate Drills

    • Mittmaster Advanced Kickboxing Pad Drills

    • Mittmaster Kickboxing Class Drills

  • 2


    • Mittmaster Superman Punches

    • Mittmaster Jedi Mind Tricks

    • The 4 r's poster (A4)

  • 3

    Live Support

    • Live Support