Mittmaster Kids Syllabus

Mittmaster Kids Syllabus

taught by Matthew Chapman

Course description

Teaching kids can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a martial arts instructor.

It can also be an absolute bloody nightmare if you get it wrong.

Having a progressive, exciting and well-structured syllabus helps kids focus, set goals and work hard to earn their next promotion. 

It also makes your life easier as an instructor by creating a logical structure for your lessons.

The Mittmaster Kids Syllabus is designed to help instructors plan, teach and run better kids classes whilst maximizing the number of students who will feel ready to test. 

This product actually contains two separate syllabi. 

First is my syllabus specially designed for younger children aged 4-7 years old.

This syllabus includes martial arts drills with the emphasis on developing the physical and mental attributes they will need as they grow both as a child and as a student of the martial arts. 

The syllabus for ages 4-8 focuses on:


Physical skills



Spacial awareness

Mental Skills


Ability to focus 

Respect for other people & property

The second syllabus is for children aged 8-15 years old.

This syllabus has a more martial arts focus and looks at developing martial arts-specific physical skills and the mental skills required to cope with those difficult teen years

The syllabus for ages 5-15 focuses on:

Physical skills


Aerobic fitness

Speed & Power

Mental skills




Each syllabus includes a life/ safety skills component which you can use to help your students develop life skills to keep them safe throughout their childhood and beyond.

Each syllabus is also fully editable so can be modified to suit your students and style. (These syllabi are based on my mittmaster kickboxing / muay thai blend but can be modified for any striking style). 

Each syllabus is comprised of ten grades to junior black belt (you can, of course, edit the number of grades). I personally use gradually darker shades from white belt to black belt to signify the students progress.

White (usually given at the start of training to signify beginners mind)

-Brown/ Black Stripe
-Black Belt

Heres what you will get: 

  • The Mittmaster Kid's Kickboxing syllabus for children aged 4-8 (in editable word format)

  • The  Mittmaster Kid's Kickboxing syllabus for children aged 5-15 (in editable word format)

  • Access to over 100 Videos demonstrating every technique & drill on each syllabus

  • Life skills modules for each syllabus

  • 12 quick start lesson plans for each syllabus

  • Bonus FREE ebook on "How to teach kids martial arts classes without going mad!" which is packed full of awesome tips I've learned over 20 years to help you teach great, stress-free kids classes. It may just save your sanity.

I've been using both syllabi for over 20 years at my school and they have helped me produce 100's of well mannered, focused young martial artists, many who have gone on to open their own schools under my association. 

Both syllabi are NOW available with a 50% discount if you pre-order before the 20th of February.

The price will double from the 21st February. 

All materials will be available from March 3rd


Mittmaster Matt

Matthew  Chapman
Matthew Chapman
Founder of

Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student, instructor, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Martial Arts, Boxing & MMA

And is used by instructors, coaches and school owners around the world to improve students striking skills, build retention and create awesome martial artists.

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