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I’ve spent over 25 years studying Kickboxing in all its various forms. I started in American Style when I was 18 years old, moved onto Muay Thai, Jun Fan, Savate and recently Ghost. 

The core of the Mittmaster system has always been my blended kickboxing system. In this system, I’ve taken the best techniques, drills and tactics from each striking art and combined them to create a brand new hybrid kickboxing style.

However, rather than make a miss mash of my favourite kickboxing techniques I tried to take a more logical approach to design this syllabus.

For example, each technique included had to meet the following criteria...

1. Does the technique work for all body types, ages and athletic abilities? It’s important to include techniques that work for most people not just the naturally gifted or athletic.

2. Does the technique work with the biomechanics of the other techniques in the syllabus? If the mechanics work well with other techniques it means combinations will flow smoothly and efficiently.

3. Does the technique work for most of my students, most of the time?  Low percentage flash techniques were not included as they can be investigated after black belt. I believe the black belt is about mastering the BASICS.

4. Does each technique have multiple uses? Techniques that only have one use were eliminated as I want all the techniques to solve multiple problems. This reduces learning time and increases reaction time as the student needs less thinking time to choose the correct technique.

Only techniques, drills and combinations that survived this analysis were added to the syllabus. This meant I had to discard several of my favourite techniques, but that the point of a well-built syllabus, It’s a means of teaching large groups the same content to create a consistent result.

Syllabus structure and order

The Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus is comprised of ten grades to black belt (you can, of course, edit the number of grades). I personally use gradually darker shades from white belt to black belt to signify the students progress.

White (usually given at the start of training to signify beginners mind)

 -Brown/ Black Stripe
 -Black Belt
 You can use any colours you want of course. You also don’t need to use belts if you don’t want to. Some coaches prefer t-shirt colours or arm bands. It’s entirely up to you.

The first grade is white belt and is typically awarded once a student joins your school

The next three grades are beginner levels

The following three grades are intermediate levels

The final set of three grades are advanced grades

Grading Timelines

As this is a grading syllabus you should expect students to test for a belt / grade every 4-6 months. If they test every 4 months, then it will take approximately 3 years to EARN a black belt. If you opt for gradings every six months, then it will take just over 4.5 years to EARN their black belt.

At my school…

I typically expect a beginner level student to be training twice a week minimum

I expect an intermediate student to be training three times a week minimum

And I expect an advanced student to be training four times a week minimum

Of course, you may expect your students to train more, or less and that once again is your choice.

How you can use the Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus

You can use the Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus in several ways.

1. You can take the syllabus as it is and use it as your school's striking syllabus.

2. You can edit the syllabus adding techniques you like and removing techniques you don’t.

3. You can write your own syllabus based on the ideas and concepts you pick up from mine.

I’ve built the syllabus to be flexible, so you can use it as you see fit. All the syllabus documents will come in PDF and Word formats meaning you can edit them to suit your school and style.

What will I get?

Inside the Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus you will get access to:

1.  The Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus split by grade. Each grade lists the techniques, drills, combinations, equipment recommendations and fitness requirements that are required to test. The syllabus will be in both Word & PDF formats.

2. To help make the best use of the grading syllabus I’ve also included over 50 detailed videos covering every technique, drill and combination so you know exactly what is required.

3. Warm up ideas are an area that many coaches struggle with, so I’ve included my “Dirty Dozen”. These are a series of twelve warm-up routines that work with the Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus.

4. You will also get “Coaching Commands” pdf's for every grade. These are the commands you should say whilst teaching the techniques and whilst walking the mat to make sure everyone understands exactly what to do. Using these commands will help the students know exactly what to do and when.

5. You will also be given access to various “Training Tips” word documents which you can edit, print and give to your students as bonus material in your classes. This will help the students learn the techniques faster and boost your retention.

6.  Finally, I will also share my lesson plan strategy and templates that you can use to plan awesome lessons straight from the syllabus


Buying this syllabus does not make you a Mittmaster Instructor or able to advertise using the Mittmaster brand. Only people who have completed all three levels of the Mittmaster Certification are able to use the Mittmaster brand and logo.

However, I am totally happy for you to use the entire syllabus in any way you like just please give it your own name. Call it “Kick Ass Kickboxing System” if you want just please don’t use the Mittmaster brand unless you are authorised by me to do so.

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To your success

Mittmaster Matt

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    • orange, kick counters
    • orange, evasions
    • orange belt, jab catch
    • orange, grading combo
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