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Although I'm mainly known for my Focus Mitt drills I also love using other pieces of equipment.

This equipment collection includes five instructional videos including:

  • Mittmaster Punchbag Drills
  • Mittmaster Striking Sticks Drills
  • Mittmaster Thai Pad Drills 1
  • Mittmaster Thai Pad Drills 2
  • &
  • Mittmaster Kick shield drills

Heres whats on each video....

Video 1: Mittmaster Punchbag Drills

  • 6ft Banana bag drills
  • 5ft Boxing bag drills
  • Teardrop clinch bag drills
  • Top / Bottom speed bag drills
  • Free standing punchbag drills
  • Ground & Pound bag drills

This is a very comprehensive video that teaches over 50 punchbag drills you can use immediately. It's great for coaches and those looking to add variety to their punchbag sessions

Video 2: Mittmaster Striking Stick Drills

  • How to hold the striking sticks
  • The new improved design of striking sticks
  • Basic techniques
  • Striking combinations
  • Boxing combinations
  • Covers & counters
  • Head movement basics
  • Snap-back series
  • Shoulder rolling
  • Scoop & counter
  • Trapping techniques
  • Footwork drills

Striking sticks are a great tool to develop speed and accuracy and prevent you, the pad holder from getting injured.

Video 3: Mittmaster Thai Pads Drills 1

  • How to hold the thai pads. The basic of safely holding the thai pads
  • Jab - Cross series. The basic striking structure of muay thai
  • 4 counts. Core kick & punch drills used in mua thai
  • Knee drills. How to use the muay thai knee correctly
  • Entry to the clinch. How to get to clinch range safely
  • Spin back elbows. Ways to land this powerful surprise attack
  • Catching the kicks. How to catch a kick and follow up quickly
  • Kick escapes. How to escape your leg if its caught
  • Fish hook drill. A basic power dominant striking drill
  • 20 count conditioning drill. A great thai pad conditioning drill that includes all your basic muay thai strikes. 

Video 4: Mittmaster Thai Pad Drills 2

  • Warm-ups. Unique Muay Thai warm up drills I learnt in Thailand.
  • Boxing & Elbows. How to integrate the elbow with single punches and boxing combinations
  • Elbow Blitz. A brutal elbow combination that trains all your elbow attack angles
  • Elbow Defence. Three simple ways to defend against elbow strikes
  • Round kick angles. How to use the round kick correctly depending on your target
  • The round kick series. A drill which covers all the basic round kicks and defences
  • Split fish hook drill. My infamous split fish hook drill
  • Shin check counters. How to block & counter quickly, useful for sparring classes)
  • Front kick counters. New front kick counters and follow-ups
  • And loads more thai pad magic

Video 5: Mittmaster Kick Sheild Drills

  • Different types of kick shield (the different types of kick shield and how to use them)
  • Basic Kick combos (basic power kicking combinations)
  • Intermediate kick combos (advanced kicking combos for senior students)
  • Stop kicking (how to stop an aggressive opponent from moving forward)
  • Kick sectors (learning the right time to kick to maximise range and power)
  • Pivoting drill (getting offline and landing a powerful counter kick)
  • Chasing kick drills (how to chase someone down)
  • Kick shield and focus mitt (mixing the mitts and kick shield)
  • Chopping the tree (power low kicking drills)
  • MMA sprawl drill (using the kick shield for MMA training) 
  • Punching the kick shield (developing punching power and endurance on the shield)

PLUS If you order now you will get FREE summary sheets for every video.

A summary sheet is a pdf file that includes a written summary of all the drills on a video.

You can print these out, take them to class and run through the drills.

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Whats Inside The Course

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    Striking Stick Drills

    • Mittmaster Striking Stick Drills

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    Thai Pad Drills

    • Mittmaster Thai pad drills 1

    • Thai Pad Drills 1 Summary

    • Mittmaster Thai pad drills 2

    • Thai Pad Drills 2 Summary

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    Punchbag Drills

    • Mittmaster Punchbag Drills

    • Punch Bag Drills Summary Sheet

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    Kick Shield Drills

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