Filipino Boxing Collection

The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) offer a wide range of powerful striking techniques. 

The focus of Filipino Martial Arts is on entry, destruction and exit onto the next opponent. For this reason, it contains many dangerous techniques not usually allowed in "sport martial arts".  

Recently more and more fighters have been using techniques from the FMA (where the rules allow) with great success. 

This collection includes techniques from various Filipino styles that will be useful in the ring, cage or on the street. 

This Six Video Collection Includes:


Video 1: Filipino Boxing Drills 1

  • Basic Strikes (The basic striking angles used in Filpino Boxing)
  • Using the hammerfist (One of the strongest weapons)
  • Hammer drills (A series of drills covering hammers in different angles)
  • Destruction’s (How to smash an opponents punches)
  • Elbow entries (Entering safely behind an elbow spear)
  • Body manipulations (How to manipulate your opponents balance)
  • Scooping (How to redirect a punch to open up targets)
  • Foot traps (Sneaky tricks to keep you partner pinned in place)
  • Filipino kicking drills (Very effective low line kicking drills)
  • Lots more


Video 2: Filipino Boxing Drills 2

This video is a great resource for students of Filipino Martial Arts and for instructors looking to add some self defence material to their sport kickboxing classes.

The video includes:

  • Filipino Boxing Strikes (intermediate striking combinations)
  • Kick destructions (how to smash an opponents kicks)
  • Stomping (using the heel to stomp the legs and feet)
  • Slapping (the open palm slap is a deceptive and powerful strike)
  • Wrenches (how to wrench the elbow and shoulder joints)
  • Dirty boxing (close range dirty boxing drills)
  • Filipino Boxing throws (simple, effective throws used in FMA)


Video 3: Filipino Boxing Drills 3

This download covers advanced Filipino Boxing Drills. The full video includes

  • My NEW improved destruction drills
  • The shoulder roll series I learn from GM Richard Bustillo
  • Stalling drills to stop your opponents punch before it begins
  • Baiting your opponent to strike exactly where you want
  • Using the elbows to counter punches
  • Traps & counter traps
  • Triangle footwork and pivots
  • Lock flows with a Mittmaster twist (that makes them far more functional)
  • and alot more

This video is not only a great resource for students of FMA but also for Kickboxers and MMA students looking to add extra elements to their game.


Video 4: Mittmaster Knees & Elbow Drills

This video focuses on the knees and elbow drills used in Filipino Boxing. The full video includes:

  • Basic knee and elbow mechanics
  • Knee and elbow combinations
  • Countering boxing with knees and elbows
  • Elbow flow drill
  • Blocking knees & counter with the elbow
  • Blocking the elbow and counter with a knee
  • MMA knees
  • Clinch drills
  • Using the “head”


Video 5: Footwork Drills

This video focuses on the core skill of any martial art: footwork

The download covers all the fundamental footwork drills in the Mittmaster system. It includes:

  • Footwork fundamentals
  • Linear footwork drills
  • Lateral footwork drills
  • Diagonal patterns
  • Curving and circling techniques
  • Retreat drills
  • Footwork patterns
  • Freestyle footwork training
  • How to punch & kick with correct footwork

Video 6: Trapping Drills

Trapping is a concept that is practiced in all martial arts including boxing, muay thai and mma. Anytime you move an opponents arms in order to create space you are trapping.

This video draws on various styles including JKD, Wing Chun, Muay Thai and MMA to show how trapping happens in all combat sports and how to apply basic techniques and principles to help you master this useful skill. 

This video covers: 

  • Push traps. How to push an arm out the way to strike
  • Pull traps. How to pull an arm out the way to strike
  • Wedge traps. How to wedge arms in place to strike
  • Pin traps. How to pin arms to off balance an opponent
  • Counter traps. Simple ways to counter basic traps
  • Thaiboxing traps. Trapping techniques taken from muay thai
  • Boxing traps. Traps commonly found in western boxing
  • Compound traps. How to combine two traps to maximum effect
  • MMA clinch traps. How to trap in the mma clinch
  • MMA ground traps. Ways to trap & strike when grappling


This collection also includes a FREE 45-minute download of my Eskrima Instructor Grandmaster Anton St James teaching Filipino Boxing Drills at a seminar recently. It is packed full of top techniques from a master of the Filipino martial arts with 50 years experience. 


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    Filipino Boxing Collection

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    • Mittmaster Trapping Drills

    • Mittmaster Footwork Drills

    • Mittmaster Knees & Elbows

    • Mittmaster Sectoring

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    • FREE BONUS: Grandmaster Anton St James. Filipino Boxing Drills

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