1. Access to ALL Mittmaster Video (60+ hours of video) £1000 Value

When you join you will get access to ALL the Mittmaster Video I've created over the last five years. That's over 60 hours of pad training, sparring techniques, partner drills, and equipment videos.

These videos will be grouped into convenient collections for you to choose and access:

The Mittmaster Core Collection

(20 hours of video covering the 500 core drills from the Mittmaster System. Yes that's right 500 drills!)

The Muay Thai Collection  

(10 hours of video  covering Thai Pad drills, Muay Thai Clinch, Dutch drills, Punchbag drills & more)

The MMA Collection 

(10 hours of video covering MMA pad drills, tackles & takedowns, Ground & Pound and more)

The Kickboxing Collection 

(6 hours of video covering Kickboxing pad drills, Kicking drills, Savate drills and more)

The Boxing Collection 

(10 hours of video covering Boxing pad drills, glove drills, striking stick drills, punchbag drills & more)

The Filipino Boxing Collection 

(6 hours of video covering Filipino boxing pad drills, dirty boxing drills, seminar footage and more)

The Equipment Collection 

(6 hours of video covering Thai Pad, Striking Stick, Kick shield, Punchbag drills and more)

Plus when I film ANY new content it will be added to one of these collections.

I plan on filming 10+ new videos in 2020 on a range of topics including Savate Drills, Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning, Self Defence & Boxing Fakes & Feints.

Access All Mittmaster Curriculums (100's of videos, manuals & tip sheets) £700 Value

You will also get access to all the current (and new) Mittmaster Syllabi. That includes instant access to the syllabi that are currently available :

  • Mittmaster Boxing syllabus
  • Mittmaster Kickboxing syllabus
  • Kids Kickboxing syllabus
  • Mittmaster MMA syllabus 
  • Mittmaster JKD syllabus
  • Mittmaster Filipino Boxing Syllabus
  • Mittmaster Muay Thai syllabus 

(Each syllabus also comes with 12 detailed lesson plans to hel[p you teach great classes.)

In the future, I will also be adding...

  • Adults Kickboxing Syllabus 1st to 5th Dan 
  • Self Defence Syllabus
  • Mittmaster Blended Syllabus

Each of these will also come with 12 lesson plans which you can access as soon as they are available.

Speaking of Lesson Plans...

100 Kickboxing Lesson Plans (£99 Value)

As an Access All Areas member you will also get my 100 Kickboxing Lesson Plan course. 

This includes 100 editable lesson plans covering a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

Watch the video below to find out what's included:


Access the Sparring Success System Levels & 2 (50+ videos, 12 instruction manuals) £100 Value

My proven system for helping students learn how to spar quickly and safely. I developed this system after years of frustration trying to get students to spar without either running away or killing each other. It is the fastest way I've found to teach students how to spar whilst having fun. 

Access the Simple Syllabus System (27+ videos, 10 manuals) £200 Value

This course teaches you how to plan, build and test a simple syllabus for your school. It is based on my 25 years of experience with designing syllabi for my own and other instructor's schools. 

Access All Mittmaster Seminar Footage (90+ videos & growing) £300 Value

I teach 12-20 seminars every year and I film every single one. I will add these videos to this member site after each event. I always teach at my best in front of a crowd so this means you will get access to my latest drills and ideas before anyone else.

Access courses with other world-class instructors £200 Value

I work and train with a lot of world-class instructors who are also creating online courses. As a Triple-A Member, you will get to view sample videos (and purchase) from other respected instructors. 

I already have content available from instructors in self defense, kicking and weapons. And I plan to work with instructors in MMA, Jeet Kune Do and other styles over the next few years. 

Access Mittmaster Mentors £200 Value

This section will include training and seminar footage with the people who made Mittmaster possible, my fantastic instructors & coaches. 

It currently contains videos from 

  • Bob Breen 
  • Phil Norman
  • Anton St James 
  • Nathan Leverton
  • David Breed
  • Kru Prathet and more

In the future, I will be filming more content of my instructors to share their best tips, techniques, and tactics with you. 

This is a great chance for you to train with my instructors and mentors.


The Triple-A (Access All Areas) membership is perfect for 

High-level Martial Artists who are looking for new ideas & new insights to spark their creativity.

instructors and Coaches who need new techniques, tips and drills for classes to keep things fresh and exciting for students of all levels. 

School Owners who are looking for curriculums, systems, and a structured method to teach progressive pad training to their staff, coaches and students.


All the content will be available to watch online as soon as you sign up.  

You will have instant access to everything immediately upon starting your membership. 

New video content will be added regularly throughout the year and you will receive notifications when new courses, syllabuses & programmes are added. 


In total, you will get instant access to over £3000 worth of Mittmaster Videos, Courses, Syllabi, Lesson plans & Seminars.



Monthly membership is £60 / $75 per month and gets you instant and unlimited access to all the content. Your access will continue as long as you remain a member and you can cancel at anytime! 


Or you can get a LIFETIME membership which gives you access to everything for LIFE for £1495 / $1915 (plus all future updates and new materials I create)

This saves you a CRAZY £1500 / $1950 off the price of buying everything individually!

The Lifetime membership is obviously the BEST value payment option as you get LIFETIME access to all current & future content for a one-off payment.

(And because it's such a good deal ONLY 10-lifetime memberships will be available in 2020)


Whichever membership you choose you will be getting access to the BEST martial arts training available today. I'm committed to providing you with only the highest quality instruction, no fluff and no junk. 

My goal is to help you become the best martial artist and instructor you can be!

I look forward to welcoming you to your Mittmaster Triple-A Membership. 

See you on the inside...

Mittmaster Matt

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